North Seattle Marriage Enrichment

2018 event schedule

North Seattle Marriage Enrichment

Is excited to announce their 2018 event schedule:



Saturday March 17 - DVD presentation by Les & Leslie Parrott

Title:  I Love You More - How Every Day Problems Can Strengthen Your Marriage


Saturday April 14 - Presentation by Rich and Sue Stockinger

Title: Happy Marriage after Retirement


Saturday May 5 - Presentation by Jack and Karen Baker

Title: Building a Foundation of Love


All of these events will take place at:    
St Matthew Catholic Church
1240-NE 127th Street, Seattle


6:00 – 8:00 pm

These evenings are all offered FREE OF CHARGE and include complimentary ‘happy hour’ appetizers and beverages.

Doors open at 6pm (following 5pm mass), presentation begins at 6:30pm


A free-will offering will be made available if you wish to donate to this ministry.


Childcare is NOT OFFERED for these evenings as we do not have an adult coordinator.

If you know of someone interested in overseeing childcare for this ministry,

please have them contact any of the below named committee members.


For more information, contact any of the below listed parish representatives,

or visit our website to register:


These events are offered FREE OF CHARGE due to the generous financial contributions from St Luke, St Matthew, and Christ the King parishes.


Planning team members:                                      
Ken & Kathy Knowlan                                     Christ the King Parish, Seattle

Kevin & Denise Mullins
St Thomas More, Lynnwood

John & Sara Lane                                              St Matthew Catholic, Seattle

Mike & Maureen Sloane
St Matthew Catholic, Seattle

Pat & Peggy Sloane
St Matthew Catholic, Seattle

Wayne & Lisa McDonald
St Luke Catholic, Shoreline 

Dennis & Jo Ellen Dietzel
St Luke Catholic, Shoreline 

Darrell & Catherine Bui Gaston
St Mary Magdalen, Everett