Dear Friends,

I contend that any parish that is vigorously true to its name is a good parish. Using this measuring stick, I must conclude that St. Matthew is an exceptionally good parish.

Our patron, of course, is Matthew the Evangelist. Many features make his gospel significant, but I would single out its clear and loving emphasis on the teaching of Jesus and the spirit behind that teaching. The Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount are, in many ways, the most powerful expression we have of Christ's vision and way of life.

Since 1954, St. Matthew Parish has built its traditions and spirit, its ministries and programs on the wisdom of Jesus found in the Gospel of Matthew. For fifty-seven years, it has made every effort to be "the salt of the earth" and "the light of the world."

On behalf of our entire faith community I welcome you to St. Matthew Church. You will discover quickly the warmth, graciousness and vitality of our parish. Our parish and school staffs pledge their very best service to you. Our parishioners will, through Eucharist, prayer and shared ministry, be your friend, your sister or brother.

I would ask you to perform three small tasks to ensure that you are a registered and active member of St. Matthew Parish. First, please complete the parish registration form. Second, prayerfully consider offering the gift of your talent, time and experience to one of our parish ministries or organizations. Third, please complete the Stewardship Commitment card that will declare your financial support of St. Matthew Parish.

Again, I am truly delighted to welcome you to this beautiful community of faith, hope and love. Please always think of this as your home.

Rev. Armando Guzmán
Priest Administrator