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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Ascension Sunday is also World Communications Day. During his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI wrote, “I would like to invite Christians, confidently and with an informed and responsible creativity, to join the network of relationship which the digital era has made possible. This is not simply to satisfy the desire to be present, but because this network is an integral part of human life …”

The Internet has not only changed our modes of communication, but the culture of communication itself. We are confronted with the extraordinary potentials of the Internet: new forms of sharing and of entering and sustaining interpersonal relations and friendships beyond the confines of one’s space and culture. The fast pace with which the Internet has developed into a social networking indicates our generation’s yearning for human and spiritual exchange and communion.

Pope Benedict explained that to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus through this new media means “not only to insert expressly religious content into the media platforms, but to witness consistently, in one’s own digital profile and in the way one communicates choices, preferences and judgments that are fully consistent with the Gospel, even when it is not spoken of specifically.”

Christian evangelization in the new media thus poses these challenges:

  1. Open, responsible, and respectful digital presence. The language of digital media transmits information in the context of personal exchanges, in the form of sharing. We are called to share about Jesus in a sensitive way that stimulates the heart and moves the conscience.
  2. Authentic and truthful digital profile. The Gospel demands to be linked with real lives and with the faces of our brothers and sisters. The virtual presence and proclamation must lead to direct human relations that remain fundamental of the transmission of faith.
  3. The truth always. It is as believers that we should engage in the web, bearing witness to our profound convictions.

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Mary Mother of God, Pray for us.

Your servant in Christ,
Father Khanh D. Nguyen