Rev. Khanh D. Nguyen

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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Elijah, in the First Reading, wants to flee from danger. He had the prophets of Jezebel killed, and now his life is in danger from retaliation. His refuge is the cave of Mt. Horeb. And because he is doing everything for YHWH, he expects God to come for a rescue. He awaits God in the spectacular events because he is a faithful servants of God; he had the prophets of Baal killed for God! But God is not in the external signs of what may be seen as in “a tiny whispering sound” (v 12).

Yes, there are moments in our lives when the force that suddenly makes us face the seemingly insurmountable problems or difficulties that beset our daily grind is a tiny intimate, acknowledged presence of God. And our attitude must only be: openness and availability.

The Gospel narrates that even Jesus, who led his disciples to feed the people, feels the need to pray. Preachers, teachers, recollection and retreat facilitators know this very much. Without prayer and introspection, one’s ministry is in shambles. But while Jesus is away, the disciples who are in a boat are tossed by a storm. Yes, even the ones who claim to be near the Lord do experience storms and difficulties!

Yet, they are so caught up by the winds that they mistake the approaching Jesus for a ghost. Only when the Lord assures them, the way YHWH assures Moses on Mount Sinai, “I AM,” that they are brought to their senses: “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid” (v27). Sometimes our eyes are cast on the problems and not on the presence of Jesus whose light will make us see solutions. We must not fear.

Your servant in Christ,

Father Khanh D. Nguyen